Andi Macklin is one of the Alphas. She first appears in Fool Moon, and was given a name in the short story "Day Off". Her last name is mentioned in Turn Coat.


Andi is among a group of University students who were taught a way to magically change themselves into wolves by Tera West.[1]

In Fool Moon, she is described as a shy, plump redhead, which filled out her robe a little too generously, new at shapeshifting and who arkwardly covered herself with her arms, shedding her dress and chanting the spell to change into her wolf-form, a round, hefty-looking with dark auburn fur animal.[2]

In Summer Knight, she had slimmed down due to the heavy exercise in her work with the Alphas, gaining a figure described as being out of a men's magazine.[3]

In the seriesEdit

Fool MoonEdit

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In Summer Knight,

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Summer KnightEdit

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In Summer Knight, she is still unnamed and among the wolves that go with Harry Dresden to the Fae War at the Stone Table. As she is getting anti-glamour ointment applied, Marcy (unnamed here, only described as petite, with mousy brown hair) complains that she's been impossible all year because her new slim and beautiful looks.[3]

"Day Off"Edit

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In "Day Off", she and her boyfriend Kirby become the victim of psychophagic mites from the Nevernever, promting them to request Harry Dresden's help to get rid of the mites.[4]

Turn CoatEdit

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In Turn Coat, Andi is injured by the Naagloshii, Shagnasty, who killed Kirby, who by now was her boyfriend. It takes two rounds of surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Harry Dresden visits the Hospital where she is in ICU.[5] [6]


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In Aftermath, she and another ex-Alpha, Marcy, have been keeping the pregnant Georgia company while Billy was out of town. She and Georgia are kidnapped by an unknown faction—the Fomor—but Karrin Murphy, Billy, and Marcy free them.[7]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, Andi does watch runs with Butters during ParanetChicago Alliance—meetings.[8]

Butters calls her Furry Knockers over the CB radio during watch runs. Will finds that humorous. Murphy calls her Fuzz.[9]


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In Bombshells, she is the live-in partner of Waldo Butters.[10]

Cold DaysEdit

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In Cold Days, when Harry Dresden enters Butters' apartment to steal Bob, she attacks him in wolf form.[11] It turns out that she and Butters have entered a romantic relationship.[12]

Skin GameEdit

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In Skin Game, Waldo Butters asks Bob to relay to Andi that, should he be killed by the Denarians, he loves her.[13]


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