This article is for TV series scharacter. For book series character, see Ancient Mai.

Ancient Mai is a character in the television series The Dresden Files. Actresses Jane McLean and Elizabeth Thai portray this character.


In the television adaptation, Ancient Mai has been portrayed by Jane McLean for the majority of the character's appearance, although she was not the performer in the character's original appearance. She is much younger appearing than in the books and seems to have the hostility towards Harry that Morgan does in the books.

It is implied in the episode "Things That Go Bump" that the television version of Ancient Mai is really a renegade dragon who, for yet unrevealed reasons, has abandoned or been forced out of her race's realm, and "she" forms or at least monitors the magical beings in the Chicago area as the de facto leading member of the High Council.

It has not been revealed, in the reality of the television series, if Mai is actually the leader of the High Council or if she is merely implied to be the leader from what Harry has been told and allowed to learn about her, nor have her reasons for being part of the High Council been revealed. Due to the cancellation of the television series, they likely never will.

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