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Ancient Mai is a human wizard and a member of the Senior Council. She first appears in Summer Knight


She is over 400 years old,[1] with granite colored hair, "rheumy" eyes and is said to be very creepy and scary.(reference needed)

She has "precious little gift when it comes to actual combat magic".[2]

Ancient Mai is Chinese and, as Harry Dresden describes her, she looks a delicate and frail as an eggshell teacup. She has long white hair with jade combs holding it up. She still has a haunting, ethereal beauty, though old even by Council norms. Her eyes are dark, peircing and merciless.(reference needed)

Harry finds her a very scary person.[3][4]


An elderly Asian woman. She appears to handle contact with other supernatural powers for the Council, having sent emissaries to both Faerie Courts at the start of Summer Knight.[5]

In the seriesEdit

Summer KnightEdit

Main article: Summer Knight (novel)

In Summer Knight, She does not trust Harry Dresden, citing his dangerous attitude, and she voted against him when the Council deliberated on whether to give him to the Red Court.[5]

She, along with the Merlin, Arthur Langtry, is suspected of being the traitor among the Council, as her whereabouts during many of the attacks are unaccounted for.[6]

Turn CoatEdit

Main article: Turn Coat

In Turn Coat, she repeatedly tries to have Harry arrested (for the crime of harboring a fugitive, of which he was guilty) and is angered when Ebenezar McCoy and Injun Joe refuse.[7]


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