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Cold Steel Hand and a Half Sword

Hand-and-a-Half Sword. For a sword of this size, it is fast and easy to control. It's 33.5 long blade and can deliver deep shearing cuts, yet it is pointed enough to be effective in thrusting attacks. Its long handle is usually made of wood and covered in black leather and is suitable for either a one or two-handed grip. The balance the length of the blade, the pommel is capped with a stopper which can be a lethal weapon in its own right.

Amoracchius, also known as the Sword of Love, is one of the Swords of the Cross. It is first seen in Grave Peril.


Amoracchius is a heavy European broadsword, five feet long,[1] sheated into a black leather scabbard, with a crusader-style hilt, bound in wire.[2]. Its nail is worked into the hilt.(ref?) It gives off its own light when used in combat, can cut through many enchantments, and is an incredibly powerful object of faith.(ref?)

The spirit of Sir Stuart confirms that Amoracchius is also known as Excalibur.[3], and is the only sword that has not been reworked after its original forging.[4]

It can apparently be wielded by anyone,[5]; the most recent people to do so Susan Rodriguez at Chichén Itzá[5][6] and Michael Carpenter on a number of occasions. It circulates, however, less than the other two Swords, and is only used in times of great need.(ref?) its weakness is an action of hate, which will shatter it.

History Edit

Before the end of Small Favor, it was wielded by Michael Carpenter, but was then held in guardianship by Harry Dresden until a new bearer could be found. After the events of Changes, it was in the possession of Murphy. Michael wielded it again in Skin Game, then returned it to Harry's guardianship.

In the seriesEdit

Grave PerilEdit

Main article: Grave Peril

In Grave Peril,

Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, [7]

Proven GuiltyEdit

Main article: Proven Guilty

In Proven Guilty, Michel tells Harry that The Original Merlin was another of the White Council who once was custodian of one the Swords of the Cross: Amoracchius. He suggested to Harry that he begin researching how Amoracchius was passed on, historically.[4]


Main article: Changes

In Changes, Harry allowed Susan Rodriguez to bear the Amoracchius for the purposes of rescuing her and Harry's daughter, Margaret Angelica from the Red Court and the Bloodline curse they plan to sacrifice her for at Chichén Itzá.[5] Inside the Temple of Kukulkan, Susan, at a key moment and under a veil, wields Amoracchius against the Red King cutting off his arm and stopping him from killing Maggie with the sacrificial knife.[6]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story], during a meeting of the Chicago Alliance, Daniel Carpenter lets slip in front of Felicia, a White Court vampire, that it was in the possession of Karrin Murphy, there in her home. He said: "Bring forth the Swords!" [8]

Cold DaysEdit

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In Cold Days, Harry asked to its whereabouts and Murphy told him in no uncertain terms that she could no longer trust the sword in his care with his new mantle.[9]

Skin GameEdit

Main article: Skin Game

Word of Butcher Edit

"The nails are visible--Harry does his best to convince himself that it's rust, not blood, on the nail in the hilt of Michael's sword in Grave Peril. They are worked in to the metal of the blade, at the base, just above the guard, point toward the end of the blade."

In the same forum post, the author describes Amoracchius as: "completely unadorned, pure function. Though it's possible that there may have been designs on the crossguard or hilt that have worn away over time."[10]

Harry has good reason to believe that Amoracchius is actually the same sword as Excalibur, the last sword entrusted to a wizard (The Original Merlin).

At the 2011 Marscon Q&A session, Jim was asked when we would find out who the new wielder would be for Amoracchius and he responded with:

"Amoracchius is gonna, uh…we’re gonna…(Jim chuckles evilly), that’s…that’s gonna be apocalypse time by the time Amoracchius comes off the shelf. Amoracchius is not one of those Swords that really rampages around the world very often, and when it does, you've heard about it, so…"[11]

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