Alchemy is a branch of magic used by practitioners known as Alchemists to create magical potions. Master Alchemists on the White Council wear banded silver cords.


The ingredients of each potions are different for every person. However, all potions are made with seven ingredients: one for each sense, one for the mind, and one for the soul. The basic idea is to add the ingredients one by one, stir, wait, and shove magic into it at the end. The process takes several hours. It is quite easy to create two potions at one time, though three is considered pushing you luck. Unlike normal spells, potions work more based on the ingredients and less on intent.


  • Escape potions: allow the drinker to escape danger by teleporting them or granting superhuman speed.
  • Wolf potions: heighten the drinker's senses.
  • Love potions: cause the drinker to fall in love with a pre-determined target.
  • Blending potions: Make the drinker appear so unremarkable and bland observers do not truly notice the drinker unless the drinker acts in a manner that forces the observer to take notice. An effective if limited alternative to invisibility.

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In Storm Front,

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