Ace is a changeling. He first appears in Summer Knight.


Ace has dark curly hair and a goatee. He is under the Winter Court's rule,[1] his father being the Redcap, notoriously incapable of affection for any offspring.[2] He leads a contingent of mercenary small folk working for him similarly to the Za-Lord's Guard, led by Lacuna.[3] Ace is revealed to be one of Winter Lady Maeve's minions.(reference needed)

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Summer KnightEdit

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In Summer Knight, while Listening, Harry Dresden hears Ace tell his friends that he searched for Lily all day, that he believes Harry is in Mab's pocket, that Harry kills people who get in his way. Harry followed the three changlings out to alley where Ace pulled a gun on him. Meryl told him not to be stupid.[1]

Later, Ace confessed that killing Dresden was the price Red Court vampires demanded in exchange for protection from the Winter Lady, Maeve and Winter Knight Lloyd Slate. To this end, he hired the Tigress, a ghoul assassin, and also tried to shoot Dresden himself, but missed and hit Meryl instead. Ace said the Reds told him where Harry would show up. He hears Mab's Call to all of Winter's blood (for the Faerie War), so does Meryl. Ace told Meryl that if they just chose, they'd be protected from Maeve and Slate. Meryl called him worthless trash and yelled at him to run from her sight before she killed him. Dresden let him go.[4]

Cold DaysEdit

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In Cold Days, Ace is the mastermind behind several of the most successful attempts on Harry's life. One: Ace throws a bomb in front Harry's Munstermobile causing it to crash. Then he sent Captain Hook and his troop of Wee Folk to attack Harry with nails almost defeating him. Toot-Toot is badly wounded defending Harry. Molly scared them off with illusions of cats.[5]

Outside the Botanic Gardens of Chicago, Ace laid a terrible beating on Harry,[3] after setting up Captain Hook as a distraction; Karrin Murphy then stopped him. Redcap arrived with his Sidhe gang and it is revealed that Redcap is Ace's faerie parent. Cat Sith started to eliminate the Sidhe thugs one at a time. Ace points a gun at Murphy's back, Harry thwarted him. Hook defends Ace, cutting Harry.[6]

Redcap abducted Butters, Andi, Justine and McAnally.[7] Molly, Mouse and Harry went to rescue them. Ace set off charges that collapsed the building into the lake with Harry, Mouse, Molly, Justine, Andi, Butters and Mouse inside.[8]

Ace, working with the Outsiders is shot with a borrowed Winchester, and perhaps killed, by Harry Dresden, while attempting to board a tugboat from a barge off Demonreach. Harry saw his face only afterwards.[9]


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